Gary Palmer Coaching

If you are a Professional Cricketer then please look at our Elite Coaching page. If you are a Cricket Coach looking for training in coaching or some mentoring, then please look our Coach Coaching page..

1-1 Coaching

Gary Palmer is a specialist technical batting expert, who can enhance a cricketer's performance using his unique and innovative 4 Angles Coaching Methodology during a 2 hour coaching session (view more on Gary's method).

These sessions are ideal for any aspiring County player looking for improvement or School Team or Club Team players (of 12 years or upwards) aspiring to become a County player.

How To Bat In Cricket With Perfect Technique | Gary Palmer Cricket Coaching Masterclass

Watch a Batting Coaching Session With Cricket Life Stories

If you would like a session at the Palmer Batting Lab or you would like to share a coaching session with a friend, then please contact Gary Palmer on 07815 081744 to discuss.

If you require 1-1 coaching at a facility other than the Palmer Batting Lab , then please contact Gary Palmer on 07815 081744 to discuss.

Other coaching session options could be:

  • Construction of front foot drives against the swinging delivery using the 4 angles coaching system
  • Construction of back foot drives against pace bowling- over and around the wicket
  • Learning to play the short ball
  • Playing against spin
  • Trigger Moves