Book the Batting Lab Facility

The Palmer Batting Lab is an ideal facility for local Schools, Clubs or Teams to have allocated use of the facilities, including the use of one Bola machines per net booked, on a regular basis.

To find out how you could benefit and improve on your existing coaching/training facilities, please contact Gary on 07815 081744.

Gary Palmer can also be made available as a coach mentor should you want to book him to join in any of your sessions to help coach the players. You would just have to pay Gary's hourly rate in addition to the facility hire.

Palmer Batting Lab Safety Regulations
  • Any school/club/county team that use the facility must have a least one ECB Qualified coach present who has ECB Coaches Association Insurance cover
  • 4 is the Maximum number of players per net on a bowling machine at any time
  • 6 is the maximum number of players per net if you are just having a conventional net (no bowling machine)
  • Players are not allowed to feed bowling machines for any back foot play, teachers and coaches must do this.
  • Speeds of the bowling machine must not exceed 75mph