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1-2-1’s and Batting Hot House Sessions ( Half Day / Full Day / 6 Day package)
“Prepare like the Pros and give yourself the best chance of performing well and having a successful season."
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How To Bat In Cricket With Perfect Technique | Gary Palmer Cricket Coaching Masterclass

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Palmer Batting Lab Specialist Coaches

Our highly qualified and experienced specialist coaches have a proven track record of improving players skill levels and performance and have worked with a number of first class and International cricketers.

To book a 1-2-1 or Specialist Batting Hot House Session at the Lab with one of our coaches call them on their mobiles.

Gary Palmer

Gary Palmer07815 081744


Nick Palmer

Nick Palmer07540 478930





Coaching Method

Nick has worked with Gary extensively and is well trained in the 4 angles grooving system and like Gary has his main focus on technique and drilling.

Our Expert and highly technical batting coaches, subject players to hitting hundreds of balls delivered by multiple bowling machines while fine-tuning their batting techniques. During these highly intensive sessions we assess, repair, develop and challenge a players skill levels with the sole purpose of enhancing their performances.

The main focus is on TECHNIQUE and GROOVING that technique to make batting easier so players can successfully deliver their game plans and also stay at the crease for prolonged periods of time. Our system of coaching will arm players with the skills to play all formats of the game effectively. We Guarantee to improve a players technique and skill levels!

Specialist Batting Hot House Sessions

Players work in pairs for these highly intensive sessions (min 4 players, max 6).

Full Day - £200 per player (5 hours)

Half-Day - £120 per player (3 Hours)

Summer Specialist Batting Hot House Sessions Dates with availablity:

Dates to follow.

NB Parents and players have the option to set up their own 1-2-1’s and hot house sessions. Once you have your numbers for a hot house session give Gary a ring on 07815081744 to see what dates are available.