Coaching for coaches and teachers

Gary has worked extensively over the years coaching coaches and teachers on batting techniques, drills and coaching methods.

He has come up with a unique training system which he calls the "4 angles methodology".

This is a session using a bowling machine using 4 different angles delivering a number of different swing types. It is an intensive 3 hour period of training so the new methods become ingrained. The sequence of the angles is the key because it rapidly homes in Alignment and good Balance to enable a player to hit well in the "V" and therefore makes batting easier.

Gary is happy to pass on his coaching methods while training coaches to use this system and help them identify and construct the most effective batting techniques thus enhancing their players performances.

Please contact Gary to discuss your requirements whether it be mentoring, 1-1 coach coaching or coaching you while you coach your pupils. Sessions can be conducted at the Palmer Batting Lab or at your own facility with the addition of travel expenses.

Here are some topics of coached sessions we can deliver, please contact Gary Palmer on 07815 081744 if you have any specific requirements.

  • Construction of front foot drives against the swinging delivery using the 4 angles coaching system
  • Construction of back foot drives against pace bowling- over and around the wicket
  • Learning to play the short ball
  • Playing against spin
  • Trigger Moves