Gary Palmer's Method

Why Gary Palmer?...........Because he makes a positive difference and gets results!

Gary's Philosophy

"To make batting easier by coaching a player to hit well between mid–on and mid-off to the highest technical standards possible."

To succeed at the highest level, it's not just about the mental side of the game you must also have a highly polished technique to be the complete player. Few county cricketers techniques are at the level they should be, but the great players are. Generally, once the mental side is there, the players with the most correct techniques consistently get the most runs. Players who are inconsistent generally have average techniques. Get the percentages in your favour and hire my services so you can experience and enjoy the difference.

Gary has also worked with Hampshire's Joe Weatherley View Hampshire Cricket Club's article on Joe Weatherley: Striving For Greatness.

What's my method?
  • Attention to detail on a player's technique. (Set and maintain high levels of batting technique)
  • Clarity on the most effective and efficient batting techniques as used by the best players in the world
  • Hit a high volume of balls in each session. (High repetition, to build up muscle memory of perfect technique)
  • Experiencing batting for prolonged periods of time. (Building up concentration)
  • Innovative unique methods and drills to put a player under pressure while challenging their technique
  • Practice challenging and maintaining technique against all angles and swing types (The new 4 angles and swing session)
  • Constantly challenge the Technical, Tactical, Mental and Physical aspects of batting
  • Demonstrate what perfection looks anf feels like so they can recognise, understand and re-produce it
  • Ability to construct, maintain, enhance, challenge and repair technique
Why am I different?
  • Belief in having a scientifically sound basic technique
  • Setting the highest standards of technical excellence
  • High motivation in seeing your batting skills develop to the next level
  • Coaching the techniques as used by the best in the world and not the coaching manual
  • Ability to quickly improve technique
  • Ability to help you improve your performance levels
  • Guaranteeing to improve you as a batter by making batting easier
  • Technical perfection based on consistency of outcome
  • Results based track record
If we enhance technique this will lead to:
  • An enhanced array of game plan option
  • An enhanced ability to survive high class spells of bowling
  • More match winning innings
  • Playing the swinging and turning delivery more easily
  • Higher levels of confidence and self- belief
  • Batting will become easier
  • Enhanced performance stats
4 Angles Methodology

Gary has worked extensively as a batting coaching and has come up with a unique training system which he calls the "4 angles methodology".

This is a session using a bowling machine using 4 different angles delivering a number of different swing types. It is an intensive 3 hour period of training so the new methods become ingrained. The sequence of the angles is the key because it rapidly homes in Alignment and good Balance to enable a player to hit well in the "V" and therefore makes batting easier.